Terraces at Park Marino Subsidy Program Reminder

Dear Professional Partners- I hope you, your colleagues and your loved ones have emerged from the COVID crisis with limited impact. I know many of us were touched personally—and tragically—by the pandemic. Thankfully, the cloud is seeming to lift and some sense of normalcy is returning to our lives and our work places. The Terraces is now… Continue reading Terraces at Park Marino Subsidy Program Reminder


Dear Terraces Families and Friends- While we are anxiously awaiting more substantial milestones, I’ve been looking forward to sending this news to you for a long time. Based on guidance from the LA County Department of Public Health, we are able to loosen some substantial restrictions. First of all—and most significant to you and your loved ones—… Continue reading EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS


While Valentine’s Day is mostly thought to be a day to celebrate the love between partners, mates and spouses, this is a good year to embrace the Valentine’s Days of our youth when expressions of love were shared with pretty much everybody; classmates, social circles and the like. In that spirit, we had and have… Continue reading TERRACES VALENTINE’S DAY GREETINGS


Dear Terraces families and friends- There’s so much news to share today. First of all, CVS was here to administer the first dose of the COVID vaccine today. Please be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram pages in the coming days for pictures and video. It was the most festive vaccination clinic you’ve ever seen! It… Continue reading TERRACES COVID AT A GLANCE AND OTHER UPDATES

Staff Bulletin Regarding Vaccine

Dear Employees of The Terraces at Park Marino I want to share with you the direction we are heading as it relates to how we are going to handle employee COVID-19 vaccinations. We serve a frail, vulnerable population and we believe it is every employee’s responsibility to do everything possible to ensure we do not… Continue reading Staff Bulletin Regarding Vaccine

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