Dear Terraces families and friends- The resident results have come back from testing we did on Thursday, December 24. Seven new residents tested positive. You might be wondering why you’re getting this update right on the heels of yesterday’s. Depending on how long it takes to get results back, there may be weeks when these… Continue reading THE TERRACES COVID UPDATE


Dear Terraces families and friends- I’d like to take this opportunity to put aside the realities of the past year and use this communication to reflect on all the blessings that surround us. f you’re reading this, you’re alive, blood is coursing through your veins and you’re holding hope and optimism for 2021. If you’re… Continue reading TERRACES CHRISTMAS GREETINGS


Dear Terraces families and friends- As reported previously, we are doing staff testing every Monday and Tuesday, and resident testing every Thursday. Since our last update on December 16, three residents have tested positive and, as of this writing, all three are asymptomatic. No additional staff have tested positive. Below, you’ll find an update in… Continue reading TERRACES COVID UPDATE

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