our staff at The Terraces at Park Marino

It Starts with the Right People

Since the opening of The Terraces at Park Marino in the summer of 2000, we have hired and sought only the caregivers who are able and eager to make a long-term commitment to our community. Empathy, energy, and a commitment to the highest levels of care and reliability are must-haves for each one of our team. We start by bringing in the right people with the right skills and mentality for each job. Then, we provide on-going training and support to ensure that each team member has the knowledge, resources, and support to thrive in their position. Because when our team shines, our residents glow. 

The Terraces at Park Marino

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Communication is Key

We invest time and resources into every member of our staff to develop and improve the communication skills necessary to a healthy community. Engaged listening is essential to understanding residents’ needs and noticing subtle changes which can reveal issues. Effectively communicating changes to both residents, family, and other team members is crucial to sustaining person-centered care and open dialogue.

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At The Terraces at Park Marino our employees meaningfully impact the lives of our residents. The Terraces is committed to fostering a lively and rewarding work environment based on respect, professionalism, fun, and a shared passion for making a real difference. While aspects such as educational background, practical skills, and prior work experience are important; we place a greater emphasis on strength of character, work ethic, an amazing attitude and a true passion for helping others. If you’re ready to begin a deeply rewarding and fulfilling career where your efforts will be truly appreciated, we’re excited to hear from you!

To apply, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Provide a cover letter
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  3. Attach your resume (PDF or WORD)